GEN.ART II - Intermediate WORKSHOP 8.DEC

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Intro to Printing Code

When: Dec. 8th, 18:00 - 21:00
Where: Zönotéka, Hobrechtstr. 54, 12047 Berlin
Price: €55.00
Instructor: Pierre Depaz
Experience: All levels - no prior experience needed
Language: English
Places are limited to 10 participants.

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This workshop will dive deeper into algorithmic techniques to generate complex and unexpected shapes from the interaction of random and mathematical elements.

We will cover algorithms such as noise fields, recursive drawings and dynamic typography, as well as best practices for tuning and exporting drawings.

Finally, we will present the workings of the gallery's large scale CNC plotter machine, covering GCode generation and calibration, so that you can print your drawings on a 80cm * 140cm format.

What you will need to bring?
Laptop, charger

What will you take home?

A deeper understanding of the most popular algorithms for generative drawing
A knowledge of how SVGs get transformed into machine-readable instructions
A large-scale drawing made by the CNC


Please make sure that you arrive at 17:50 in order to complete registration and start sharp at 18:00!
Adress: Hobrechtstr. 54, 12047 Berlin

- Overview of generative drawing techniques
- Best practices in tuning and exporting
- Generating and running GCode on a CNC