GEN.ART I - Beginners WORKSHOP - 7.DEC

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Intro to Printing Code

When: Dec. 7th, 18:00 - 21:00
Where: Zönotéka, Hobrechtstr. 54, 12047 Berlin
Price: €55.00
Instructor: Pierre Depaz 
Experience: All levels - no prior experience needed
Language: English
Places are limited to 10 participants.

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This workshop will cover the basics of writing code to generate print-ready generative artworks. How do we turn numbers into shapes? How do we make these shapes evolve on their own? And how do we transform these into instructions for a robot to draw them?

We will cover the basics of programming in Processing, some standard algorithmic techniques for generative art and the workflow process to generate print-ready PDFs. The workshop will conclude in making the gallery's CNC plotter draw out our creations!

At the end of the evening, we'll finish the workshop with everyone bringing home a triptych of their algorithms, drawn out by a robot.

What you will need to bring?
Laptop, charger

What will you take home?

Understanding of how number become images
Basics of programming in Processing
A set of analog prints based on generative techniques


Please make sure that you arrive at 17:50 in order to complete registration and start sharp at 18:00!
Adress: Hobrechtstr. 54, 12047 Berlin

- Basics of Processing and drawing simple shapes
- Learning about loops, noise and control flow to generate our visuals
- Building unique shapes from vertices
- Exporting vector files from Processing